AppleTV & Remote App - WTH?!

Dear Apple,

What the HELL are you doing with the AppleTV and the remote app?

I think you are completely wrong in your approach to the remote app and the AppleTV in general.

I have this beautiful iPad interface, and I download the remote app (because your physical remote is not workable. It's possibly your worst hardware yet) and it's just an iPad version of the physical remote.

WTF?! I guess I'm a little surprised it didn't have green felt outline on it, but seriously - this is garbage.

This iPad remote should bring up everything I want to see on the TV. I should see all my icons on both the TV and the iPad app. I should be able to push any of the icons, (AppleTV+ or Netflix) and it opens on the screen... then displays the same thing on my iPad.

I select something and begin watching... cool. NOW.. NOW comes the fun part.

As I'm watching this on my TV - I have the option of additional information on my iPad screen as it plays on the TV. Who's in this scene, information about it, etc. Because the AppleTV and iPad are able to connect together, we should be able to pull out LOTS of information about what I'm watching.

Think about this for sports - Why can't it interact with the game I'm watching to show me the score, players, etc. (if sporting events ever come back)

Please, PLEASE update this iPad app. My mother is unable to work the physical remote, and there's absolutely no reason this iPad app has to suck so bad. Apple-ize it.

Or open up the API so someone else like me can write a remote app to fix it for you.


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