Health App.. But Where's My Doctor?

Dear Apple,

I appreciate your health app. But wow, are there some things it's missing.

One obvious item is that I cannot take a picture of my insurance card and keep it stored in here. Simple thing, but could be very handy.

A second would be to load all my doctors in to one place. Instead I have them in a separate group in an insecure contacts app. It would be great to have this information stored in the HEALTH app and be able to call straight from there, etc. Appointments would also be helpful. Give me the choice to keep my (and my family) medical appointments separate from my regular calendar app, so I can keep details ... example: My calendar might say "Doctor Apt" .. but in my health app, I say something like "follow up with Doctor Smith about concussion" -- and have details and notes stored. Then, later, I can search for "Concussion" or "Dr. Smith" and see when I last saw her. This kind of info shouldn't be in my less secure calendar.

Last, allow me add additional security to this app. Allow me to say "only this face" can access this app. My kids shouldn't have access to this app, but might have access to my phone.




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