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Hold my beer, I need to find the equalizer

Dear Apple,

Does anybody in your shop use the equalizer in the iTunes/Music apps?  It is not convenient on desktop or mobile platforms.  I suspect a lot of people don’t know it exists in iOS, let alone where it is located.  At least on the desktop, it can be found with the application interface, albeit you need to dig it out from the pull down menu, under ‘Window’.  Intuitive, right?

In iOS, the equalizer is buried in the Settings -> Music -> Playback -> EQ.  You know when this is most annoying?  When I’m sitting at a traffic light, trying to get the distortion in my car stereo to stop, because last night I was using my headphones, and needed the ‘loudness’ setting.  

Just getting to the setting is a struggle.  First, I have to get thru the unlock process, while trying to angle my face the right way, since the phone is in my center console.  Then, I need to remember where I buried that Settings app, since I don’t use it all that often.  Then, I have to remember where in the Settings the EQ was buried … oh, right, Music.  

Why not just put the EQ setting on the Music/iTunes apps?  And better yet, put it on the goddamn lock screen.  I thought music was one of your passions?  Don’t you implement UI/UX testing on this stuff?  Equalization is not a set it and forget it kind of control.  It should be available easily, because each song or podcast is different.  


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