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Leave my windows where I left them

Dear Apple,

Does anyone at Apple use external displays connected to your Macs?  How about ultra-wide displays that are becoming very popular to graphic and video artists, as well as software engineers and programmers?  The MacBook 2017 model that I have, has a host of external display problems, such as the hoops I need to jump through to connect an external 5K displays such as the LG UltraFine 5K or the LG HDR 5K.  Instead of just sitting my MacBook into my BookArc and plugging my Thunderbolt cable into the display and typing in my password; I need to open the shell and unlock the device.  Then, I can plug in the display, wait for an acquisition, then I can finally close the MacBook, and sit it into the arc stand. 

Then after all of this, sometimes, I walk away from the computer.  Before doing so, I’m usually working on something that requires me to have a few windows open on my large display.  The whole reason I got the larger display was to accommodate being able to have multiple windows open, without having to use multiple displays.  It helps me to focus better, by using a single screen versus multiple screens, but I digress.  

But, after putting all this effort to laying out my desktop with what I’m currently focused upon, sometimes with 4-6 windows of information, carefully organized over the entire canvas, when the MacBook sleeps, it destroys this elaborate layout scheme I devised, and results in a bizarre reorganization of my desktop.  

WTF?  I mean this one didn’t event make sense to me.  Usually, everything is reduced to the lower bounding area where the Safari web browser is shown in the previous image.  But, the layout of the other windows suggest that the canvas had an unusual bounding box.  This never results in my icons being displaced, just application windows.  Thankfully the desktop icons are left untouched.  I’m not one of those who typically leave a hundred files and folders on my desktop, so this probably wouldn’t impact me as much.  But, I do appreciate them being in the spot I leave them.  But, the app windows, seriously, WTF?


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