MacOS - Media Is A Mess

Dear Apple,

You have made a giant mess of my media.

First, you use iTunes to manage my IOS devices. This means that everything is managed through a store / music player / video player / device manager. Why? I understand when the iPod came out, it was used to sync music, and that made sense. But that was a simpler time, when all we had on our iPods was music. Eventually you let us store contacts on there, and that's when things started to go off the rails.

Now, we have mini computers in our pockets. Apps, Music, Phone, Email, etc. All this syncs through an app called iTunes? And when I connect my phone, iPhoto pops up and imports my photos and videos... but, wait.. iTunes also has my movies and videos. Now I have my home iPhone movies in an iPhoto database, and my purchased movies somewhere else, and my camcorder movies in yet another place. You wouldn't believe the lengths I go through to try to keep this somewhat organized.. and I'm failing.

Why not have an app for movies. I would buy movies and TV shows from Apple through the Movie app. Call it AppleVideo or something.. but everything on your drive can be pulled in to one place, managed and cared for under one roof, and duplicates removed. Have it scan the drive and give the option to move to a central folder or keep where it is, but let me see all my movies in one place. Just like iTunes does with music.

Then have an app called Music. Let me buy only music through this store. Music videos can be referenced here, and maybe purchased, but they show up in the AppleVideo app. In the Music app, you clearly have three places - Music Store, My Library and AppleMusic. Make it clear (unlike how it is now) where I am. Also, tabs. How the hell does this app not have tabs to open multiple albums at once? The navigation is bad.

AudioBooks should be in the iBooks, not the iTunes store. iTunes should not be selling books.. it's in the name of the app.

Can you guess where I should get podcasts? THAT'S RIGHT... The podcast app.

Now, about Photos.... I should not have video in my photos. Just photos. That's it.

Finally - Devices Sync. This is another bit of a mess. Get this out of iTunes and use a separate program to take care of my devices. iTunes is a terrible app for managing devices and backups. Take a look at programs like iMazing. You don't have to open the hood as much as they do, but allow me to easily change things as needed, and view backups, etc.

I understand this isn't as high of a priority as it used to be when we all went out once a year and bought iLife for our upgrades. Back when a lot of attention was paid to this.. but please - our media is a mess and you're doing nothing to fix it other than redesigning the front of the iTunes store.




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