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Stand by, my email app just popped up

Dear Apple,

Why does my email client suddenly pop into my window, pushing aside the apps I’m intently focused on?  I’m not sure how long ago this started happening, but it doesn’t appear to going away any time soon.  So long as the Apple Mail client is running, it can suddenly pop up on your full screen apps or just pop over the windowed apps on your screen.  What a real concentration buster when this intrusion takes place.  

Sometimes this appears to be the result of emails coming in, perhaps expecting me to care.  Often, it just pops up because it is just checking if there are any messages, but alas, nothing appears, except this Apple Mail window that has just made me forget how many widgets I needed to assign to a project.  

This has forced me to keep my Apple Mail client closed for the remainder of my focused work.  Often, I forget all about it at this point, and don’t check email for the rest of the day.  On those days, I tend to get more done.  So, perhaps in a roundabout way, Apple is making me more productive, by creating annoying features.  

No other apps, of which I am aware of, similarly disturb in this way.  Is this on purpose?  Should I listen to all those young kids that say, just use the Gmail web interface - it’s way more useful.  With Gmail’s way of filtering out the noise in my inbox, I am starting to agree.  

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